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Thomas Johnson was the focus of interdenominational discord, with a driving ambition that poisoned relations with his neighbors.

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Religious strife contributed little to the Shawnee's welfare. Thomas Johnson was an instigator.

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The question of liquor control has been of consuming and enduring interest in Kansas

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Highly opinionated history by long-time head of the Historical Society.

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The two Johnsons contest the Congressional delegate position

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There were slaves in Kansas, maybe twice the 200 estimated.

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Story of first free state legislature related by editor of the Kansas Free State

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The first mills in Kansas were sawmills and grist mills. Flour mills came later.

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Full version of the traveler's guide below, Thick packed with facts about lost towns.

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Union soldier in hostile Lexington, Missouri

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Shameful tale of land hunger by both sides in Kansas Territory.

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Settlement of freestate and proslavery railroad schemes.

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