Members of the Legislature

Thirty-eight pro-slavery legislators met at the Shawnee Manual Labor School between July 16 and August 30, 1855. Free-state council member M.F. Conway, resigned without attending and free-state House member S.D. Houston eventually resigned as well. Eleven of the thirty-eight had lived and worked in Kansas before the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act. At least thirty of the thirty-eight members were living in Kansas when they were elected to the Legislature in 1855. Twenty-two of the thirty-eight stayed in Kansas after 1858 when it became apparent their cause was lost, or died before that time. They were neither simply Missourians nor vagabonds; they were united by a vision for Kansas that did not prevail.

Members of the Council
Thomas Johnson W.P. Richardson John Donaldson
Richard Rees H.J. Strickler Andrew McDonald
John Forman Lucien Eastin Edward Chapman
A.M. Coffey D.A.N. Grover
David Lykins William Barbee

Members of the House of Representatives
John Stringfellow R.L. Kirk A.B. Wade
J.C. Anderson F.J. Marshall G.W. Ward
J.M. Banks W.G. Mathias T.W. Waterson
J.P. Blair M.W. McGee Jonah Weddle
O.H. Browne H.D. McMeekin Jas. Whitlock
D.L. Croysdale A. Payne Samuel Williams
H.B.C. Harris Samuel Scott Allen Wilkinson
W.A. Heiskell W.H. Tebbs H.W. Younger
Alex. S. Johnson

Charles Clark